5 Higher Education Scholarships You Should Definitely Apply For

Do you aspire to study in the world best institutes and pursue a promising career but lack the resources to do so? If you’re passionate about building a career for yourself without having to borrow hefty loans, scholarships are your safest bets. There are many universities that provide scholarships to bright students on the basis of their potential. Apart from that, there are many organizations as well which help students in getting themselves enrolled in top notch colleges to build an excellent future. But first you need to determine if you’re eligible for a scholarship or not.

How do I know I am eligible for a scholarship?

Determining the eligibility for a scholarship depends exclusively on the potential you hold. There is no universal method for determining whether or not you are qualified for a scholarship grant. Some universities require eligible students to have a specific SAT or TOEFL score, while others demand you to be a foreign student from a certain country and that you have a specific grade average. To know if you’re eligible for the university you are interested in you will have to conduct thorough research and collect policies from different universities to determine which suits you best. Many admission officers and non-profit organizations also assist students in collecting the money they need to apply in universities.

Best Scholarships to Apply For

1. Harvard University Scholarship

Almost every person’s life-long dream is to study at Harvard. Gladly, Harvard offers fully funded scholarships for undergraduates, Master students and PhD students. Most undergraduate scholarships are given on the basis of your needs while post graduate ones are given on basis of merit. Graduate scholarships often include teaching and research assistant opportunities. The Harvard Foreign Office serves the university’s international community. It provides support for student, scholar, and student visa services. At the same time, it assists the dependents of these students in obtaining the necessary visas.

2. Yale University:

Another prominent university in the United States is Yale University. Yale, like Harvard, offers need-based undergraduate scholarships as well as Master’s and PhD fellowships and assistantships. Yale University’s average award was over $50,000 per year, and there are fully funded scholarships available for overseas students in need that goes over $70,000. Foreign students account for 10% of Yale College’s undergraduates. The foreign community of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is significantly larger, accounting for 40% of all students while architecture makes up 52% percent, music 39%, management 38%, and public health 38%.

3. Princeton University:

Many overseas undergraduate students at Princeton University are awarded full funded scholarships, which cover tuition, accommodation, and boarding. These undergraduate scholarships are awarded based on your financial need, and in 2020 the recipients received an average of $50,139 per year. You do not need to be concerned about finances if you have potential and are lucky enough to be accepted. Master’s and PhD students, like those at the other colleges mentioned above, get financial aid in the form of assistantships and fellowships.

4. MIT University:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the world’s best colleges for those studying in the STEM field. MIT offers excellent scholarships for international students, allowing exceptional students who otherwise would not be able to attend one of America’s premier universities to do so. International students account for around 33% or one third of the MIT community. There are 450 undergraduates and 2,796 graduate students among them. There are 334 special graduate and exchange/visiting students enrolled at MIT.

5. Stanford University:

Stanford University is a world-class research university in California. They give huge sums of money for both undergraduate and graduate students because of their large endowment and research support, so make sure to check their scholarship website. Stanford has a total of 16,223 students, with 23% of them being international students. The Bechtel International Center, which is managed by the Student Affairs department, assists this community. International students who need to get (and maintain) legal status in the United States can get help from the center.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

There is no clear guideline for how to apply for scholarships, just as there is no established rule for qualifying. Some universities only require you to fill out an application form, while others may require you to submit a particularly written assignment or condition you to be pursuing education in a specific sector. To apply for a scholarship, conduct thorough research on how to apply and work under guidance of an expert to make sure you make no mistakes and miss no loose ends.